Press Release

AE2S Water Solutions Provides Training and Staff to Benefit Bakken Facility and Pipeline Operations

Western North Dakota’s booming population and thirsty oil fields mean water is constantly in high demand. As communities upgrade their infrastructure to provide an adequate amount of drinking water, many are running into the same roadblock. A lack of treatment facility operators and trained staff is a major concern for city leaders who are striving to provide the best service possible to residents and industry working to keep critical infrastructure running smoothly. AE2S Water Solutions is filling the gap by offering Operation Services. It’s a new option for municipalities that need to train current staff or augment personnel. The AE2S Water Solutions team includes licensed operators, water and wastewater treatment experts, programmers, and other specialized staff members that can be deployed to cities that need immediate help achieving regulatory compliance, optimal performance, and staffing support with their infrastructure.

Williston and New Town, N.D. currently work with AE2S Water Solutions to provide Operation Services. AE2S Special Projects Engineer, Dr. Delvin DeBoer, PE, has been working with the Williston Regional Water Treatment Facility for several months. “Dr. DeBoer and other key staff members have been camped out at the Williston Water Treatment Plant solving problems, optimizing performance, and helping train in new staff to keep the water flowing to the City and beyond,” says Deon Stockert, PE and AE2S Operations Manager.

Nick Beste, AE2S Water Treatment Specialist, is assigned to the New Town Water Treatment Plant as an operator. “I do everything from lab work to pump maintenance to operational maintenance. I’m here in New Town to do whatever needs to be done,” says Beste. AE2S Water Solutions also provided rehab and optimization services over the summer to the New Town plant which resulted in a 150 percent improvement in water flow. More flow means more water is available to this rapidly growing community.

Operations Services includes around the clock help with operations and maintenance, performance coaching, and regulatory compliance among other crucial functions for both municipal and industrial water and wastewater systems. In addition to providing experienced staff to resolve system issues or improve efficiency, AE2S Water Solutions provides design, construction, ownership, and operation services of water and wastewater facilities for industrial and municipal clients.

About the author: Andrea Boe